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Houston Web Design Pricing, Packages & Cost

Around Houston Web Design offers Houston web design pricing, packages, and costs at an affordable rate. We give you options when it comes to your website. Our packages are completely customizable, so you never have to pay for anything that you do not want. Instead of charging you for specific services, Around Houston Web Design only bills you for the hours it takes us to accomplish the job you have assigned us.

We have a packages for everyone. At Around Houston Web Design, we know how important it is to stay within a budget. That's why we've created package levels to fit any financial plan. We'll work with you to provide a professional, mobile-friendly website for your business. Invest in something that is proven to boost sales and retain customers. Don't rely entirely on your in-person salesmanship to push your products and service. Enhance your website with an Around Houston re-design.

Website Design Company - Professional Mobile-Friendly At Affordable Costs

Around Houston Web Design, a website design company, specializes in professional, mobile-friendly websites at affordable costs. Below is a list of the packages and prices we offer:

Website Marketing Service Levels

Typical Yearly Hours



Yearly Total
10% Pre-Pay Discount
$500/mo 75-100 $1,500 $500/mo $7,500 $6,750
$1,250/mo 180-225 $3,000. $1,250/mo $18,000 $16,200
$2,500/mo 360-450 $6,000 $2,500/mo $36,000 $32,400
$3,750/mo 540-650 $7,500 $3,750/mo $52,000 $46,900
$5,000/mo 700-800 $10,000 $5,000/mo $70,000 $63,000
$7,500/mo 1,000-1,200 $10,000 $7,500/mo $100,000 $90,000
$10,000/mo 1,300-1,800 $10,000 $10,000/mo $130,000 $117,000

Houston Website Design for Small Business Pricing & Packages

Around Houston Web Design provides Houston website design pricing and packages for any business from small businesses to large companies, and we understand how difficult it is for small businesses to compete with larger corporations, but size doesn't matter in online markets. With a small business web design from Around Houston Web Design, we can create a professional, affordable website for your small business that lets consumers know you have the capabilities of doing a large corporation's job with the intimacy of a family-run establishment. At Around Houston Web Design, we keep your budget in mind. We believe businesses of every size should have access to a mobile-friendly website, and we take pride in helping the little guys.

Our packages are scaled based on hours to provide you with the ideal amount of service. We offer six different levels of packages, and all our services are provided within each package. You decide how we spend our time. If your website needs to be re-designed, we can spend up to 4 hours a month re-designing it with package one. If you would like us to launch a PPC campaign for your site, we can spend up to 10 hours a month crafting the perfect campaign while maintaining your site. If you wanted us to build a blog for your site and write weekly posts, level 6 covers up to 80 hours a month of work. Our packages are designed to grow with your business.

Whatever your website needs, Around Houston Web Design is wiling to provide. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services and your site. Our hours can be divided up however you like. We only work on things you feel need to be worked on. If one month you only need 10 hours of work and then realize you would like to increase your package level, we are happy to help you. Around Houston Web Design lets you change your package level at any time. It's part of how we serve you. Let us make your small business competitive with a mobile-friendly website at the price point you love.

Quit missing out on customers with a website that isn't search engine optimized. Why risk losing money with bad user navigation and a disenchanting user experience. Invest in your website with one of Around Houston Web Design's many packages and watch your sales increase.