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Around Houston is a responsive web design firm founded in 1995 and acquired by Directory One Inc. in 2004. With numerous satisfied customers throughout the state of Texas, Around Houston brings your service or product to life by implementing responsive web design and creating effective and engaging content that easily accessed on your Smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Why do you need a mobile friendly responsiveWebsite design layouts that respond to various device widths. web design?

Since your clients are busy and frequently switch devices throughout the day to take care of business, it’s critical for your site to be user friendly. Responsive​is a term used when your website content is easily read on all devices such as: tablets, desktops, and Smartphone.

Here are a few ways that your website marketing efforts are affected by mobile devices:

  • More than 60% of Internet access is made by a mobile device, making it more important than ever to have a responsive design.
  • Over half of emails are accessed from a mobile device.
  • More than 60% of social media is accessed from a mobile device.

Houston Responsive Web Design with SEO in Mind

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEOSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, aims to improve qualified traffic to the site as well as the volume by ranking higher in search engines such as Google.) crucial to your online presence?

Beyond engaging content and easy readability, Around Houston knows that search engine optimization is the life force to your online presence; turning your leads into sales.

Search Engine optimization maximizes the number of hits to your site by ranking it high on search engine list results. With so much competition out there, you can’t afford not to be seen.

Let Around Houston design a powerful responsive site that will turn your leads into sales.

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